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End of another weekend

Just when you’ve got used to the new year, used to the idea of it being 2005, the year picks up momentum and voom, suddenly it’s April.

I’d love to tell you how I blitzed the footy tipping for a second week, but I’d be lying. Not only did I bomb out with only 4 winners, but I was stupid enough to go in on Saturday afternoon and change my West Coast tip to Geelong. Thus I broke one of my cardinal rules of tipping: once you put them in, don’t bloody change them.

Oh well.

I didn’t post a photo this weekend. It’s on hiatus as I don’t entirely trust my computer’s USB port, though the camera has been okay with it previously. The photos will return more regularly when I get a new computer, sometime in the next month or so.

As for the iPod, I got a case for it on Friday. You can read here about how I struggled for half an hour to figure out how it worked. Sigh.

By Daniel Bowen

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