April Fools Day 2005

April Fools Day 2005

Well, I didn’t do a prank this year, like in 2004… but various people and companies did. In the newspapers were Virgin’s scratch and sniff credit card and Mini’s Roof Down Squad. They were also out at Parliament Station with their open top Minis and megaphones, drowning out the evangelist bloke who shouts about joy and “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” so enthusiastically.

Various articles popped up online, such as the SMEGmail 1 terabyte email service (which reminds me that last year I thought GMail was a prank. How wrong I was.) Google’s gag this year was a Google soft drink.

I see the Beeb have dug out their famous spaghetti tree story from 1957. Funny stuff.

Anybody get fooled?

By Daniel Bowen

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JJJ FM’s “Today Today” program claimed to have sent a sex SMS to Warney when I was at their outside broadcast for the Comedy Festival.

They also rang up a Pizza Hut to try and get 800 pizzas delivered and sent someone off to Crown Casino with $50 to raise money for Tim Costello’s anti-gambling charity.


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