Concerts on weeknights

Is it just my imagination, or are an increasing number of concerts for established acts in the big cities taking place on weeknights – “school” nights to be precise, Sunday to Thursday? It’s like the promoters know they can fill a venue in Melbourne, any day of the week, so they go for the weeknights. And they save the weekend night slots they aren’t sure they could fill during the week — lesser-known acts, and performances in smaller towns.

I’m not complaining about a specific concert… it’s just that it seems like there’s been a few recently scheduled on inconvenient nights. Oh well.

By Daniel Bowen

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Want to know something weird? Even in Canada, I’ve noticed that :O Because two good Canadian acts, that I’d love my friends to see -> both on weeknights, when they know they’ll sell out anyhow. Sarah McLachlan, last week, and Avril Lavigne in a couple of weeks. Other acts as well as you said. Conspiracy theories LOL……

Yeah! I mean, it used to be the thing to go to a concert on a Saturday night, and then they were moved to Friday, and now most of my faves have been doing them on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“I’m sorry, but I’m getting trashed at Alice Cooper tonight, I won’t be at work in the morning.”

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