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Your contacts

Most interesting sight of yesterday: a monk in the traditional red and yellow robes. On a crowded train. With a mobile phone in his hand, SMSing at speed. I had my camera with me, but didn’t have the guts to get it out and take a picture; sorry.

But anyway… Take a look in your address book, or your phone names list, or even your email addresses. Count them.

How many contacts: 138

How many exclusively work/business: 48

How many on reflection you haven’t talked to for so long that you’ve effectively lost contact you should remove them: 11

How many are not people, but services eg SMS services or taxi numbers or other businesses: 11 (including my favourite pizza shop)

How many numbers you never ring but you have them noted for potential emergencies, eg RACV, in-laws: 3

…Now count only people you know personally…

How many you know personally: 59

How many family members: 8

How many have no mobile phone: 2

How many you’ve been “out” with: 4

How many of those you should delete: 2

How many never use email: 3

How many female: 21

How many male: 38

How many you know to be gay: 6

Bi: 2

How many with kids: 24

How many single mothers: 4

How many single fathers: 0

How many DINKs: 1 5

Most common names: Peter (x 4), Tony (x 3)

How many studying: 8

How many you went to school or uni with: 6

How many with HIV: 1

How many listed as a couple because they always share phone numbers: 3

How many currently overseas: 5

How many you’ve seen in person so far this year: 33

How many you expect to talk to/email/see/hear from today: Oh, about 10

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

4 replies on “Your contacts”

A monk in traditional red and yellow???
Do you mean a Buddhist monk, rather than the Christian type? (I’m guessing so!)
Apparently there’s a ‘Buddhist Monk In Residence’ at Wesley College in Prahran this week (as you do) …he’s taking meditation and chanting classes!

Never delete a phone number unless you know the person has changed it and never delete an email address unless you know it is closed. When the phone rings from someone you haven’t seen for five years, you want to know who it is before you answer it, or not. When calling someone you haven’t called for five years, it can be flattering that they answer with your name and hence have not deleted you, OR, they just say hello and you have been deleted.

When receiving an email from who you think is a stranger, it is best to know if they are/were in your address book. And you never know, you might have to contact them one day.

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