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Here is the contents of my wallet

I got given a new wallet on Monday, so a couple of days ago I transferred the contents of my old, decrepit one into it. On the way across, I took this picture.

Feel free to post a picture of the contents of your wallet or purse… Link in the Trackbacks or comments.

By Daniel Bowen

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6 replies on “Here is the contents of my wallet”

i’m sure all your readers are pretty smart, but in case anyone has a brain fart, please obscure the numbers on your credit cards :-) (as Daniel has done)

No change? My wallet is always full of change. You think you’re broke and then find you’ve got ~$20 in coins.

I keep coins in my pocket, not my wallet. Though oddly I did find a few dollars in my old wallet when I emptied it, that I don’t recall putting in there in the first place.

Coins are always worth carrying as they help you beat the queue at station ticket machines.

(At least in the more affluent areas) most people apart from the pensioners pay with notes/EFTPOS on the big machine. In contrast there’s hardly ever a queue at the smaller coin-only machine. And if the train’s coming, you’ll almost always make it with coins as they’re so much quicker than notes (and especially) EFTPOS.

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