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My weekend

Things I did on the weekend:

Tried out my sister’s new couch, which was altogether way too comfy.

Recorded my recitation of 75 digits of pi to share with the world.

Observed a truck pulling a trailer along the road with its indicators wired up wrong. The truck would indicate left as its trailer would indicate right. Very confusing.

Bought a book on a whim. I used to love The Daily Show when it was on SBS, so when I spotted this book from them I snapped it up. Especially since it was at the Sun bookshop in Yarraville, and the last time I spotted something good there, I failed to buy it, and someone came past a few days later and bought it before me, leaving me searching all over Melbourne to find another copy. Anyway it’s pretty damn funny.

Went into a church for about the first time in probably about five years.

Pondered the priest’s bad jokes, and how he had to do a better marketing job if he had any hope of expanding his congregation from the very occasional visitors present, many of whom probably only ever go into churches on the occasions of christenings, marriages and funerals.

Met a man called Lobster…

…at a post-christening barbecue where they didn’t serve lobster, but they did serve Lobster

Was asked something out of left field by a complete stranger. Managed not to say “mind your fecking business.”

Imparted the following advice to an occasional train traveller: Watergardens is the same as Sydenham. So good they named it twice.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

4 replies on “My weekend”

Re going to church: I loved the big Anglican cathedral church in the inner city when I was in Melbourne. Very impressive.

Am going to NY in April and came across mention of Gospel Choirs in a NY guide. Immediate reaction was to think wow I must go to one of there Sunday morning services. That was until I read the remark in the guide book about the ignorant tourist buses spoiling it for everyone. What do I do now, just front up and say I am an ignorant pedestrian tourist who wants to gawk at them and not to be confused with one of those “bus” people. I think it’s easier to cross that of my list of interesting things to do.

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