Here is my Photos

Here is my driver’s licence

Actually the caption says “Driver Licence” … hmm, okay.

Has Victorian government hologrammatic things all over it, somewhat obscuring the picture. No loss really.

Daniel's driver licence

Feel free to post a picture of your driver licence… Link in the Trackbacks or comments.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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11 replies on “Here is my driver’s licence”

by the way, what’s the correct spelling of Glenhuntly?
Is it one word or two? I used to live there for a year and could never work it out, both versions seem to be around in equal measures.

For years it was “Glenhuntly”. Then someone did some research and discovered the suburb/road/station was named after a ship called the Glen Huntly. So the council got the road and suburb names changed. The station still is missing the space, I guess because convincing the railways to change it isn’t so easy if it’s not something high profile like Melbourne Central or (eugh) Southern Cross Station.

Who’s in the White Pages? I’m not.

No home number in the White Pages – only my mobile number at my old address.

It’s actually in the white pages as a false mobile phone number. I got sick of being called on my mobile by telemarketers while I was on the train (or at other inopportune moments…like ever!), so I changed my number on-line to a prepaid phone number that I had never connected – I didn’t know how to actually get an entry deleted, without becoming “silent”. Much less annoying calls these days anyway.

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