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Thursday thoughts

I just did a load of washing, including a doona cover. Every single other item ended up inside the doona cover. How is this possible?

Number of people observed at the mobile blood bank last week who were reading The Da Vinci Code: 2.

It’s hot again today. Trying to take cover, keep the house cool. I’m not impressed with the evaporative cooler I bought last summer. It does blow out cold air, but doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. Either the concept is flawed, the hot is just too hot, or the particular one I bought (a cheapie, admittedly) just isn’t that crash-hot.

The Gollum sold for $15.50 (plus postage, but it’s to a local, so I expect to drop it in personally.)

Music has come a long way in the last 25 years, but it’s quite possible that Come Together is still the coolest opening song on any album.

Thursday used to be my favourite day in year 12, circa 1988. It was the day of the Green Guide. It was the day of double period of Computer Science after lunch. It was the day The Bill (favourite programme at the time, well before it soaped up) aired. Only one of these is still the same.

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My folks used to have evaporative coolers before they got air con. Basically, they work best if can use it in a single room with the only airflow into the room being behind the cooler (or where the air intake is). And they don’t work particularly well when it’s really muggy (a regular occurrence here in Brissy) as part of the way they work seems to be to add moisture into the air. Oh, and like air con, they work best if left running from early morning when it’s cool, rather than starting them up at 10am when it’s already hot in the room.

You probably know all of this, but what can I say… I’m a sharer… ;o)

I used to spray Glen 20 on mine or add apple disinfectant to the water so that when it wasn’t cooling the room, I would position it to blow cool air directly onto me and the air smelt cool (not as in “cool man, wicked” but as in smelt like cool weather) as well which then made me feel cooler (in the same sense as before).


My Dad’s almost only piece of advice to me in my whole life has to do with the acquisition of domestic appliances. His words of wisdom are: “Always get something that’s just slightly better than you need.” So, if you are buying an evaporative cooler to cool a room of 3m x 4m then buy the cooler which claims it will cool a room 4m x 5m. I have to say, in my experience, this piece of advice almost always works. Whenever I have gone against this advice, I have regretted it. It also applies to power tools BTW.

I washed sheets and a doona cover the other day and the same thing happened to me: everything was inside the doona cover when I pulled it out. I too asked why this happened, but only to myself, so hopefully someone will read this and tell us why!

Sounds like excellent advice, Justine… for just about any purchase, in fact. (Reminds me, I want to buy a drill.)

Rae, I once mentioned this phenomenon to my sister, and she said it happened: “Because it can”.

I hate evaporative cooling. Overall they don’t cool the air – they just add cool moisture to it. I hate humidity so I just feel hot and icky in an evaporative cooled room.

Miss Trish – you beat me to it! Tuesday was my favo day at high school, thanks to a double period of computing in the afternoons, which was held in the only (at the time) airconditioned lab the school had (I was in Townsville in Queensland). That class was the only one I ever really made it to on time, all year!

Forget about the things ending up inside the doona. What I want the answer to is if you can only thread a needle with great difficulty then how the heck does a bit of hair (dog or cat hair for example) get itself threaded not once but say 3-4 times through the sleeve of my black cotton top. The hairs would have to be 100th the width of a piece of cotton. It’s got me beat.

What sort of topics do high school computer science courses in Australia cover? Is the emphasis more on theory?

the trick with the evap cooler it to actually have air flow into and out off the room, otherwise it will get very muggy and not nice.

When we moved into our first flat and couldnt install air cond as we where renting, we went for a evap cooler and it worked great, the one we had came with a little video that showed the importance of the airflow.

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