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Here is my dish rack

The other week I was reading some bit of junk mail that came through my post box, and noting that dish washers aren’t quite as exhorbitantly priced as I thought they might be. When I eventually own a house, I’ll be sure to get one, just to save the dish washing effort. But in the mean time, here is my dish rack…

Fascinating stuff, hey?

Feel free to post a picture of your dish rack… Link in the Trackbacks or comments.

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well I must be a terribly boring person because I just got excited to see that you have the same dish rack and cutlery holder as I do! the camera batteries need recharging, so no pic as yet.

I was taught in High School Home Ec class that you wash in the following order – glasses, cutlery, cups/mugs, plates, saucepans, frypans, anything left, benchtops, stove. Why does my brain remember this and yet is almost devoid of any Geography facts that may prove useful to me?!

Spooky. I have the same dish rack and cutlery holder as well. I got the cutlery holder in Safeway one time – I saw the girls in front of me with one and asked them where they got it. They said… this is actually two joined together, we can’t get them apart so if you help us you can have the other one. After much struggle involving half the staff and some other shoppers, we separated the cutlery holders and now it is in my kitchen. That is the exciting story of my kitchenware.

Btw, my dish rack is empty because my lazy son hasn’t washed up yet.

Daniel I am concerned for your health bud. You may want to investigate but I believe the cutting board you have isn’t as healthy as a wooden one. Wooden ones have a natural antiseptic that is released each time the knife makes a cut. I do like your little hover pics so thanks for the updates… :)

about the cutting boards: I work in kitchens and I’ve never seen a commercial kitchen that uses wooden ones. I use one at home though, but only because it looks nice…

Actually, old wooden cutting boards have no antiseptic (AFAIK). The antiseptic is in sap, so unless you’re using a live tree…

Wooden boards can absorb small amounts of liquid which contains bacteria and even a basic rinsing won’t get rid of it. Plastic boards are better for cutting meat because they’re more easily sanitized.

Of course, Daniel’s board looks like he’s been cutting lots of tomatoes and it may need a soaking in some hot water with bleach.

Daniel, I think your cutting board needs to go to the cutting board graveyard (whereever that is). If I knew where you lived, I would drop a new one in to you as a belated chrissy pressie lol

Who’d have thought something so mundane would generate so many comments?

Cutting boards… well I’ve heard the pro-wood hygiene argument from my mother actually. I do have some nice wood cutting boards, but I need to get a couple that are smaller… small enough to fit comfortably in the sink and dish rack, actually.

As for order of washing dishes, I tend to do the plates and cutlery first (because they pile in an orderly way into the sink), then the bowls. Glasses after that (when the water has cooled down a bit to avoid breaking; maybe I run it too hot?) and saucepans at the end (they tend to leave the water dirtier).

I made the original plastic board comment. Tomatoes of course that must be it. I thought it was blood residue. Must be tomato though.

I saw a story on Beyond 2000 years ago. They left meat bacteria on a wooden board and on a plastic one. Next day. Bacteria on plastic board increased. On wooden board, decreased.

Maybe these facts are out of date but it just stuck in my head is all.

I am sure Daniel and family are healthy…

Hey, remember how we couldn’t find my cups and plates from Freedom when i left australia ? could it be that you have found them ? well, i hope you keep them nicely washed :)

If you do get a dishwasher, that water consumption figure will go waaay up, even when you put it on economy cycle … (our dishwasher is going to get used less now after the water bill shock).

Iris, most of your stuff is being used… a few plates still unused in boxes, waiting for enough breakages to happen!

Trish, I was looking at dishwasher specs, and noted a lot of Asko models that use about 13 litres per cycle. I’m betting that’s comparable to what a human would use, at least for a full load.

For people interested in dishwasher efficiency, there’s a database here:

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