Not quite in the usual vein of Sunday photos, here is possibly the strangest self-portrait I have ever taken.


It was at Altona beach this morning, and what you can’t see is the 50 gazillion flies that were zooming around my head (and indeed the heads of everybody else present at the time). Seriously, you’d wave your hand around and hit half a dozen of them. No wonder I didn’t look happy.

PS. 5:30pm Monday. You can get an idea of the number of flies around from this picture of Marita’s arm:

Marita's arm

By Daniel Bowen

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We went for a walk Sunday afternoon too and complained about the abnormally large number of flies as well. Maybe they’re all taking their holidays by the sea this year.

What was it with Sunday and flies. Normally in the inner city they don’t bother us much, but we were at the Maritime Museum for lunch and they pestered us, later at Elwood Beach, they covered our backs. The car’s windows were left adjar and they filled the car. Something to do with a very hot day followed by a cooler one I expect. By the weekend it may be locusts that are bothering us.

Yah, yah…. I know…. you disabled your guestbook and I’m cheating here by using your comment feature as one but I’m sure you won’t get ticked off by compliments. :-) Your site is brilliant and I luv it! Your “Guide To Australia” I found to be very entertaining and of course I had to post the link on my forum. Thanx for all the good laughs.

I also found your comments about the “Australian Outback Steakhouse” hilarious and true! A far cry from being Australian no doubt. Though I may be a seppo I have been to Oz to know if something is bull ka-ka or not. What we do need is a real authentic Aussie tucker place. They are almost non-existent unfortunately though I did just find out about one such bakery pretty close to my dwelling place. I hope to get the chance to go check it out.

The Australian Bakery Cafe

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