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Having claimed incorrectlythe other day that telegrams have vanished off the face of the planet, it was with some surprise that I got home yesterday afternoon to find one in the mailbox.

Having claimed incorrectly the other day that telegrams have vanished off the face of the planet, it was with some surprise that I got home yesterday afternoon to find one in the mailbox.

Clearly they were still alive and kicking.

Was it a prank from one of you good readers?

Some message of congratulations for something?

Alas, no.

Telegram from water company

Merely a final demand from the water company for a bill I paid late on Sunday night. Like the gas bill (which I also got a reminder of after payment, by way of a conventional letter) it had lain in the wreckage that is my desk for several weeks. Oops. I really must start paying these things as soon as they arrive.

Oh well, added a much needed few milliseconds of excitement to the day, so I’m not complaining.

PS. Firefox 1.0 has been released :-)
It hasn’t fixed my most annoying bug with the abbreviated tooltips :-(
Rae has gone offline :-(
These smileys are a bit too cutesy, aren’t they :-D

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When these services were state owned the final demand was roughly the fourth notice sent out. Nowadays it’s the second. Soon it’ll be the first. There’s nothing more anxious than private enterprise.

ooh… you’d do anything to prove a point, eh? Even going to the lengths of paying a bill late, to see if telegrams are still in use.
And yes, smileys are a little cutesy… But I like ’em anyway!

And I like the smilies! Though I have a few custom ones I made I have to figure out how to get in there… Eesh. After I stop the spam that is. /commenthijack

FireFox 1.0 ROCKS! KILL IE. And I hate to disagree with you Daniel, but I now have an extension that wraps long tooltips. I had probs with your car photo – but now can read all with my handy dandy two line tool tips (I assume it could also go longer). It is called POPUP ALT ATTRIBUTE 1.3.2004102501.

I have no idea how I got it tho……

Good on yer Rae for partly switching off the worst form of communication that has been invented. But will miss reading you.
I always pay bills on time, so I was surprised to receive a final notice from South East Water. I called them to find out why and someone answered the phone. No pushing of menu buttons, just a real person picked up the phone and said South East Water. It gets better. She said, sorry, but Oz Post often gets the bills wrong at your address and they go next door, we will send another. I said, so you are not in India then? She said no, we like to have knowledge of the areas we serve. I paid the bill there and then over the phone. She then said that, given we always pay on time, she had marked our account as a possible wrong address problem and we would receive an enquiry letter next time if the bill was unpaid, not a final notice. And, unlike the large Oz telecom company, they never change their BPay numbers, so it is very easy to pay online. Full marks to the still government owned South East Water.

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