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Nostalgia x 3

Spotted the Chrysler PT Cruiser Police Car in Collins Street yesterday. Some kind of initiative to help the police reach out to youth. Despite my joking on seeing it (“That’ll get the glue-sniffers and vandals’ attention! Hey kids! Stop spraypainting and check out our cool car!”) hopefully it does have a positive effect. It is eye-catching.

I’m not particularly the type of person who pays a great deal of attention to cars. But I’ve always thought the PT Cruiser is an interesting design. It seems like it harks back to the 1930-40s designs. Reminds me of the car chase scenes from early Tintin books.

Behind The News was scrapped last year, but according to the media yesterday, is to make a comeback. It’s not a show I believe I’ve actually sat down and watched in the past… ooh… twenty years or so. But I do recall it being an important part of gaining some awareness of the world from an early age. At primary school we’d crowd into the staff room (only room with a TV) every week to watch it, and Infinity Limited (the science show).

RIP the 69 tram from Sunday. Sad. No more silly “69 in St Kilda” jokes. This too takes me back to living as a kid in East St Kilda, riding the 69 down to the beach and back in the summer.

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I was surprised to hear Behind the News was still going last year when it was given the big chop. As a kid, I despised the weekly dose of BTN at school because we always had to answer questions about the episode to prove we were watching… Funny how I look back now and realise just how much I gained from being aware of the big world outside, as scary as it was.

Mmmm – I loved BTN and Infinity Limited. We weren’t allowed to watch much TV at home and I thought they were both great shows! I didn’t even mind the Q&A session afterwards. Especially for Infinity Limited – well, I was a member of the Double Helix Club… ;o)


No more No.69. Pity. But a merged route? How long would it take using that route from Carlton to Kew? My god…

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