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You know your kids are growing up when…

  • When waving goodbye in the schoolyard, the youngest waves enthusiastically, but the eldest does a deliberately low-key waist-level wave back. “Yeah, yeah, see ya dad.”
  • Your youngest explains to you how to use the animation features of Powerpoint.
  • Your eldest decides that a warning on a web page animation that “some scenes aren’t suitable for younger children” doesn’t apply to him.
  • You ask him why he’s fiddling with pyjama pants in the morning and he says matter-of-factly “my balls are itchy.” Whoops. TMI.
  • They’ve moved onto using adult cutlery, crockery and glassware.
  • The first school camp starts today.
  • You’re almost at the point where you can’t tell their socks from yours.
  • They declare of a TV show (some piece of televisual excrement called Active Kidz): “I hate it. It’s crap.” And you take a look and thoroughly agree with them.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

7 replies on “Growing up”

When you ask your daughter about boyfriends and she answers: “I wouldn’t talk to you about them anyway.”

I actually think that Active Kids is a great show for kids. At least someone is doing something about the fat kids of society !

No no Tim, you spelt it wrong: Active Kidz. Yeah just what kids need while they’re trying to eat breakfast — exercise.

Anyway they’ve taken it off air now.

I am Amy from Active Kidz – and I appreciate your constructive criticism but when the truth comes to it – we are just trying to help Australian kids get fit – so I think maybe you should be more positive with your comments – I don’t see you doing anything about it?

Hello Amy… well I think most would agree with getting kids more fit. Obesity is a big problem, and just getting bigger (excuse the pun).

But in the case of Active Kidz, my kids didn’t like the bouncy style of the show, and the fact that the ABC decided to air it at breakfast time made it totally unsuitable. I notice they pulled it off air again after a couple of weeks. Perhaps it works better in other timeslots, say in the afternoon.

As for my kids and their fitness, I ration their use of TV/computers/video games, and make sure they get regular exercise in the form of the trampoline, walking, bike riding etc. Does me no harm to join in, too!

And for the greater population? Well, I do my share in trying to reduce car usage, a major cause of obesity and lack of fitness in Australia and other western countries.

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