Forgive me Spurlock

Forgive me Spurlock, for I have sinned. It has been two years since my last McDonalds meal. But last Friday I suddenly had a craving for a Filet O’Fish, and succumbed to the evil arches. 1 x Filet O’Fish Value Meal please, eat-in.

The eat-in muzak has improved a bit, but the food was as cardboard-vanilla-flavoured as ever. A disappointment as always. That should put me off for a few more years.

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heh, you’re exactly like me with maccas. can’t stand them, but once about every two years i crave their silly little hotcakes. once i have them i am reminded why i never go there.

The last time I have eaten a McDonalds meal was at McDonalds North Geelong back in February last year, on the way back home from a gig in the country I took part in that day, only because a friend of mine who came with me insisted. I then saw a female hippy singer/guitarist with dreadlocks at an open mic I played at wear a McDeath T-shirt, saying “I HATE McDONALDS!” and perform a song about it. Immediately I vowed never to eat a McD meal again. And I have kept that promise ever since. And yes, I have seen “Super Size Me”.

I had a caramel sundae from Maccas last night… but that’s about all I’ll have these days. Haven’t eaten a burger for months since I saw that doco, which I suppose is NOT a bad thing, eh? Pizza reigns surpreme though (‘scuse the pun).

After seeing the movie “Comrades, Almost a Love Story” starring Maggie Chung at ACMI I almost had to go to Chuck Ronnies. If ever there was a pro-Mc Donald’s movie it would be that one.

I remember having to stop into the Moe Chuck Ronnies on the way to Monash Churchill when I got a lift with people.


Resisting McDonalds is one of the fun things in life. A couple of months ago I had a craving for a cheeseburger. I went and bought one from across the road, then a couple of days later another, then a week later another but never since then. I think the three cheeseburgers added 3kg.

I see no reason to going to McD’s on occasion. About 3 times year is the norm. Its going to Starbuck’s that is my downfall. Fortunately, I’ve switched to non-fat mochas without the whipped cream.

Unfortunately Jen, the nearest Gloria Jean’s is two hours away, and as much as I like driving, driving in the Bay Area blows.

I LOVE the film “Super Size Me”! I think Martin is a legend. We hardly ever eat at Macca’s anymore- but did just the other day while we were in Las Vegas. It wasn’t the best, but hey- it was only $3.99 for a full breakfast and it filled us up. (Stomachs & arteries that is). :)

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