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Here is my prize

With many thanks to Tony and Rae for organising the competition, the barbecue and taking this photo… here is me taking the footy tipping prize, as Marita looks on (probably glad she’s shot of it, but disappointed it’s not going further away).

What have you won? Link in the Trackbacks or leave a comment.

4 replies on “Here is my prize”

I guess this means we can at least say a Victorian won *something* over this week! (And, yes I know Chris Judd is a Victorian by birth – but at the moment is *is* a West Aussie!)

On another note – things I have won… The family over here has an annual Christmas ‘trophy’ which the lucky winner is required to display prominently in their home for the entire year! It is a booby prize for our annual $5 Christmas gift lucky draw – each family member contributes a $5 gift to a ramdom draw. Quite a few years ago, the ‘trophy’ was one such gift. Trouble is it keeps coming back each year to be won by someone else. And the ‘trophy’?… Its a carved wooden ashtray in the shape of a penis being masturbated! I guess you *don’t* want to see a picture of it, do you!

Well I offered my congrats on condition of seeing the trophy, now I’ve seen it, I offer my condolences

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