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Thunderbirds are go!

Sunday Age Agenda cover 12/9/2004Ten points to the train driver the other night who announced something along the lines of:

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we’ll be remembering the Thunderbirds. Shortly we’ll be touching down at the planet South Yarra, where voyagers for Sandringham galaxy can change. Then we’ll be travelling at warp speed, express to Caulfield, before visiting all star systems to far the distant planet of Cranbourne. FAB Virgil, and Thunderbirds are go!”

It had everyone smiling and laughing for a few minutes.

Speaking of the Thunderbirds, was amused to see the picture used on the front cover of The Age Agenda section last Sunday to promote the Melbourne Show, given the proximity to the Thunderbirds picture above. It’s David Bolton and his prize cow Paige Carmina.

I wonder if he realised how much he looks like a Thunderbird?

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Thunderbirds are go!”

At least you could UNDERSTAND your train announcer! Ours up here (in NSW) sound as though they have their heads inside a steel bucket whilst gargling warm coal whenever they make an announcement, usually cloaked in some strange accent of an unknowable origin! So – FAB to the Vic trains! Whoo hoo!

MEH! Why does your line get all the good’uns? I hate our drivers. Crabby smoker’s voices. All of them thoroughly impressed to be there (aka: sounding bored sh!tless).

Happened to me last night on the tram. Flinders St Station a transportation hub to the twilight zone and galaxies beyond? Much as I tried not be be amused, the deep husky slightly Asian accented voice announcing, ‘Welcome to Southbank Boulevard, boulevard of broken dreams’ got me.

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