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Dear PHL

Dear PHL970,

You know where you exit off the Westgate Freeway, onto Kingsway? Well you know how there are three lanes turning into Kingsway? You know how there are solid lines there leading from the freeway exit, around the corner into Kingsway?

Well the general idea is that you follow the lines. So if you’re in the left hand lane from the freeway exit, you end up in the left hand lane on Kingsway.

You don’t drift across while turning, miss my car by a few centimetres, scare the crap out of me, then continue driving merrily on your way oblivious to my horn honking just behind you.

Oh well, on the bright side, I did brake sharply enough to avoid hitting you. It would have been a bitter end to what until that point had been a thoroughly nice day.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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That’s a common occurance at that spot Daniel. I reckon horns have lost the effect they used to have. Best thing I’ve seen is a trumpet playing friend of mine wind his window down (as he was driving) and played a brilliant rendition of an air horn phrase. Scared the crap out of the offending driver.

Last year we were on the Eastern Freeway in moderately heavy traffic when someone in the far right line decided that they need to get off at the Chandler highway – a few hundred metres from the exit. They swung across two lanes to end up in the middle lane in front of us, nearly causing a couple of accidents along the way. At this point they realised that they weren’t going to make it so they STOPPED! Needless to say we stopped also … about two feet into their boot.

I mjust back from Beijing…..What you are describing is normal trafic pattern …..not an exception on unusual corners but every 30 seconds or so the Taxi would change lanes and miss other cars by inches….me….eyes closed….I hope the driver wasnt doing the same

I’d like to nominate the driver of the red vehicle who drove like a maniac last night as my dickhead of the week. Not only did you use the bike lane to overtake vehicles at well over the speed limit but when you ran out of bike lane you then tailgated me until the left turn into Macaulay Road. The joke of it all was that when I eventually ended up at the lights to turn onto Racecourse Road (right behind you after all that), I could then read the sticker in your back window – “Drive Wisely”. You moron! Keep it up mate and you are on your way to making it as a future Darwin Awards nominee.

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