I really must do something

Pot…about this pot. It’s been sitting next to the sink since Sunday, with this burny mark in it. I don’t want to use steel wool ‘cos it’ll stuff-up the enamel surface. Yeah it’s one of those Le Cruisset (or however you spell them) French pots. I’m not much of a cook, but I love it. Admittedly I only ever cook bolognaise sauce in it.

Really must get it cleaned properly, before the current bolognaise batch runs out.

By Daniel Bowen

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There is a cleaning pad a friend calls a dolly. The come in very bright shiny colours and they are not made of steel, just hard edge plastic I think and not quite so abrasive. By the look of the burn, nothing less than a gentle rub with one of those would do the trick. Ignore anyone who mentions Martha Stewart, Martha Gardener or bi-carb soda but do buy a diffuser for use under the pot for that long slow reduction cooking of your pasta sauce.

A quick google suggests that you leave it covered with heavily salted (4-5 tablespoons) water overnight and then bring it the boil the next day. Hell, I’d even give the baking soda a go. It may not work, but it’s worth a try – it would certainly be a cheaper experiment than ruining a le creuset.


Not a le Creuset!! It’s worth fixing at almost any cost Daniel. These things are worth every single penny you pay for them. The burn looks quite similar to one that my grandkiddies inflict upon my popcorn-only saucepan. It’s basically burnt fats and oils. A slow, very gentle scrub with some good old fashioned Ajax would be my suggestion.

Love the le Creuset.

Thank you all for your concern. You’re right Mavis, it must be saved at all costs.

I nosed around the supermarket and found a brush called a Vileda, which claims to have powerfibres and micro pearls to “quickly remove dirt”. Seems to work quite well – a bit of scrubbing and most of it has gone. Further efforts will continue until it’s vanquished for good.

Enzymatic laundry cleaners such as Napi-Sans have always done the trick for me. The first thing I bought with my first pay packet was one of these cast iron pots, because my mother refused to let me take hers camping! Strange to say, I’ve never taken mine camping…but I’ve still burnt the bottom a couple of times in the manner of yours, during kitchen duties.

You can actually buy a product made by Le Creuset, especially for cleaning their cookware. It is not super cheap (about $10) but works a treat. I got mine at David Jones

Daniel # 4 is correct. Baking Soda works better!!Sprinkle the bottom of the pot with baking soda, fill 1/4 full of very warm water, let it sit overnight. Wash it in hot soapy water (and dish cloth) the next day. IF it still doesn’t come off, sprinkle with Baking Soda, fill 1/4 with water and heat it on the stove for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then wash as usual.

If this doesn’t work, email me or ask your mom!


You might try boiling a solution of water and “Cream of Tartar” in it. This works very well for burnt water. The black junk basically just starts to flake off in the boiling water. Reapply as needed.

My Le Creuset bubbled when left for a few minutes on med heat. I contacted MILNERS in Western Aus.
I posted them the bubbled one & under warranty they sent me a NEW BETTER ONE> GOD LOVE THEM and LE CREUSET
THEY ARE TOPS!!!!!!!!!! No receipt or anything They are Soooooo Goooood

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