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I just got home. Off with the work gear: trousers, jacket, shirt, tie. On with the clothing I wouldn’t be seen dead in: the trackie-dacks, that old red windcheater and the slippers.

God help me if anybody drops by unexpectedly.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Oooh, isn’t it wonderful when you slip into them though. Same as me but I add in a pair of fluffy pink socks and then slip on moccies. Pure heaven!

I never quite get this sloppy clothes thing, even though I have my own rarely worn set, but they are no more comfortable than any of my other clothes. My parter always slips into what he calls his fat clothes, which is a nuiscance if we have to go out unexpectedly, or someone drops by, coz he has to change. Aren’t jeans and a tee comfortable? Or even work pants and shirt, less tie and jacket? Ok, confess, I hate tracky daks. One in ten can wear the more expensive ones and they can look ok, otherwise, they are the least flattering thing I can imagine. Don’t tell me Daniel that yours are badly pilled as well?

There’s an art to being a slob after work. In winter, I throw the clothes off and climb into my nightshirt, very old and unflattering yet extremely comfortable tracky daks, the Man’s big jumper (he hates that) and my moccos. Ahhh… comfy Ren. If I know I’m probably going to have to go out, swap the nightshirt, daks and moccos for jeans, tee and boots and I’m set.

Comment on Andrew’s comment. Jeans are not comfortable unless they are as loose and baggy as tracky daks in which case your argument about appearance comes into play. The notion that jeans are comfortable is one which some evil genius somewhere has managed to insert into the collective consciousness in an effort to get us all continually searching for that most illusive of things: a pair of jeans that are both comfortable and flattering. On this fruitless quest we all spend far too much time and money.

A ‘tee’ is only comfortable if your house has adequate heating in winter (and even then there is an argument that you shouldn’t be wasting energy heating up your house to the point where you can get away with only wearing a t-shirt).

On a more personal note, I reckon loose flannel man-style PJs are the most comfortable things on earth. I would happily wear them everyday if I could get away with it.

Andrew, they’re starting to pill, of course. Wouldn’t expect any less from $8 K-Mart trackie dacks.

Marita, I don’t want to confirm my daginess to the world.

Justine, I am blessed in that I have found jeans which are reasonably comfortable. (No idea if they’re flattering.) But trackie daks beat jeans for warmth and comfort on these cold evenings. And I have to agree, a t-shirt + copious heating is a waste of energy.

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