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Here is the inside of my car

Here’s the inside of my car, not quite from the driver’s position.

As usual, hold your mouse over stuff in the picture to read about them. (Anybody know why Firefox only shows the first few words — and can this be fixed?!)

Inside of car

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By Daniel Bowen

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10 replies on “Here is the inside of my car”

Ahhh blinkers. Also a pet peeve for me. When my friends ask why I use them I tell them the following: 1)Required by law, 2)Its not hard to get to unless you’re drinking your cappuccino-mochacino-lattecino-Al Pacino or putting on your make-up, and 3) Since I’m paying for every part of my vehicle, I’m going to damn well use what I’m paying for.

I think the little slot think is for coins, the intention being that you can easily find them for parking metres. Unfortunately they also say “Why not break into my car for $2.75”?

Well Daniel, you’ve got me wondering what model it is. Don’t spoil it by telling though (for w while). I would also have guessed that the slot was for coins – leave us guessing on this a while longer on that too before you look at the manual.

Seems like only a few years ago, you were getting your license late in life and now you are talking about namby pamby automatics and your pet peeves.

Well, I can’t join in this one, as my car is the exact replica of yours! Even with the one button that doesn’t work, next to the rear window demister, so I assume our cars would be virtually the same year.

Then again, mine is a little different, in that it has a namby pamby automatic transmission.

Sorry I don’t know why firefox doesn’t display the whole text or how to fix it.. I do find it annoying – at first I right-clicked to get the pic properties and read the entire text from there, but that got tedious and so now I just guess what you’ve said for the remainder, which makes things interesting, I guess.

Ever thought of a hand held rechargeable vacumm cleaner and maybe a tasteful floor mat? And when you are stopped at lights, grap a tissue from the glove box and dust off the dash board.

Oh, and it is good that some people still change gears. I hope you are in first with the clutch depressed when the light goes green. Guess it has 5th, overdrive.

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