My fault

Yes, I saw the other car at that roundabout. Despite the rain, the dark, I was quite aware it was there. And it would have been entirely my fault if we’d collided. I failed to give way to the right.

Because I thought it was turning left.

I ask you: those dickie little driving lights that look like indicators lit up — are they a good idea?

By Daniel Bowen

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Something else that’s confusing about car lights is something I’ve only seen here in the US, and I wonder if they’re coming out in Australia or not. Some cars here don’t have seperate brake lights and indicators – when they indicate, their brake lights just blink on and off ! A lot of people here don’t signal anyway, so there’s a lot of cursing and “thanks a lot, mate, I ‘m glad I waited and missed the only gap in the traffic just to make my day complete and get the answer to the eternal question ‘Is that bastard going to turn in or not?’ “

Claire: uhh.. yeah. It’s true.

Brian: I noticed that when I was in the US. Pretty shoddy if you ask me.

Vlado: No idea. And I’m not a motorhead, so I’m not even sure if they’re really called driving lights. All I know is they were small and indicator-shaped, and at the spot where you’d expect to see indicators…

You don’t have to give way to the right at a roundabout. You only have to give way to vehicles already in the roundabout. If you got in first, they would have to give way to you. But you also have the rule that always applies to everyone – you must drive to avoid a collision.

M’kay… I was always taught it was give way to the right and whatever is already on the roundabout… Three driving instructors were wrong? I am consulting my sisters new rules book when I get home.

The driving instructors were right until January 1, 2000 (or was it 2001?). Then the law was changed when the Australian Road Rules were introduced. Most people don’t know it.

Roundabouts would work more efficiently if people followed the law as it is now instead of as it was.

Ah… roundabouts …
Try living in Warrnambool as a learner driver – it is roundabout city! Each time I go home to visit my parents the council is building a new roundabout. Aargh! You cannot drive within a 5km radius of the city centre without making your way through a dozen roundabouts.
Maybe one day I’ll count how many roundabouts there are in Warrnambool (City of 26,000-ish citizens in South-West Victoria, for you internationals reading this…)

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