Here is my Memes rule, pass it on Photos

Here is my fridge

And now, courtesy of my day off yesterday, here is my fridge. Move your mouse around over it to see the captions.

The fridge (exterior). Move your mouse around to see descriptions of various stuff.

Ren reckons this would make a good Meme. Yeah, why not. Go for it guys, do your fridges this week, Trackback/leave comments. And I’ll come up with another one for next weekend.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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17 replies on “Here is my fridge”

You’re a brave man, opening yourself to the various fridge analysts out there. Didn’t you know that fridges reveal much about their owners? Numerous points, including:

1. Students of the week – evenly distributed I note
2. Those plastic numbers must mean something – even though they look like they’re not out of a Telstra ad
3. UK TV – dunno what it is (pay channel?) but the guy at work has one of them.
3. What’s that phallic object on top left?
4. Not one but two shopping dockets – must be a fairly strong magnet.
5. Where’s your anti-terrorism magnet?
6. A car and a tram thingy. Balanced transport?
7. Good to see the dalek again (two or is it 3!)
8. Cream colour – very old-hat or just frugal
9. Big freezer – indicates hoarder/saver/preparer mentality?

Ooh! Must run home and take piccy … and we have two fridges AND a freezer at my house!!
Don’t know how to do the nifty “pass your mouse over it” caption stuff though …

You can create an image map for your picture by hand (if you know HTML — see here for a tutorial: ) or by using something like Frontpage or another HTML or image map program (this one sounds good, though I haven’t tried it: ) and put title=”This is my cat” attributes against each map area.

Or yeah, use like Tony suggested, that’d work. Probably easier.

PS. P, is the phallic object you’re referring to, the torch? Or if you mean on the left hand side, it could be another magnetic letter seen from the side.

Dnaiel, that is a very big fridge freezer you have there. I would do mine but it’s very boring in comparison. Only a couple of things stuck to it. Maybe I’ll wait for the next item you do and see if that’s more interesting for me to do.

Yes the torch!

If a mother of a former boss was to visit you she’d remove it straight away; she has a fetish for such things. I know because recently I tried to sell her a cordless phone and she rejected any that stood upright due to their allegedly phallic likeness. If it layed horizontally or semi-horizontally it was alright. She must have had a disturbed childhood, not a little appears to have been passed on to her son!

Awwww, how sweet. That really made me smile :) My wife thinks I’m getting clucky because I’ve dropped a few hints lately about kids (we don’t have any). I didn’t do so conciously, but I’m thinking I wouldn’t be a bad dad for a kid or two to have.

Nice work Daniel, and I see that you’re making sure their geek levels don’t fall too low either ;)

#2 – The Fridge in it’s natural camouflage
… and I think I’m only responsible for two of the “camouflage” items …

My plan appears to be: release Meme content slower than Daniel and maybe I’ll catch up? Hmm.

I’m not game to expose the surrounding area :D

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