E-mail overflow

E-mailThere’s 847 messages in my e-mail Inbox.

70 of them are unread.

I think this thing is getting out of hand.

I need to spend a few hours one day clearing it out. One day. Not today.

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “E-mail overflow”

Euch. That’s one big mailbox.

My work email is really tidy and I make a point of keeping my inbox empty whenever I can, filing or deleting messages as appropriate.

My home email used to work like this, but now it’s a mess and there are a lot of things I need to unsubscribe from. I do at least delete them – or most of them.

Emaolbox cleaning is a horrible thing – unless it is part of procrastination at work when something important but nasty needs doing, then it is a real joy.

I hope you’re not using Outlook Express, its fime fomr most things, but when you have a huge number of emails in it for a long time, you start to have “issues”. I used to support a small company where we used Outlook Express. People would have 1000+ emails and all had problems until we switched to Outlook 2000.

Ummm, “fime fomr” is from a dialect called “hung over” as I spent most of last night at a bachelor party.

Outlook proper is sooo much more capable than OE for large amounts of email. I had to explain to The Power That Be why I wanted to spend so much money for upgrades until they started having problems. Sometimes problems can actually help you. Of course, this could also be why the laid me off to, hmmm.

I just switched to Mozilla Thunderbird at home – outlook (2000) went weird on me and also I didn’t like the way it handled mailing list digests; showing each bit as a seperate “envelope” icon. They just released version 0.7 – – It’s free and open source, if you didn’t know :)

I use Groupwise at work (Novell freaks here) and Mac Mail at home – which is by far the best – but then I would say that as I am one of those annoying people that will always favour anything Mac over everything else. :)

i want a g4 ibook.
know anyone that wants to sell it for like $900 or $1000 canadian? yeah… well i cant afford it then.

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