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Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” is next on my reading list. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’ve got beyond the first page.

I ummed and ahhed about my footy tips on Friday. I tipped Geelong, then on reading the paper I changed my mind and tipped Brisbane. Then I pondered if I should be loyal to my team, and considered changing it back. I logged back onto the web sites and came within a gnat’s whisker of clicking on Geelong… but didn’t.

And they won. That’s the last time I question if I should be loyal to my team. (At least until they come up against St Kilda.)

I used to believe the theory that if you tipped against your team, then you’d be happy whatever the result. It’s not true. It just pisses you off that you didn’t tip your team.

By Daniel Bowen

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Snow Crash is brilliant stuff – one of my favourite books. It’s it’s my favourite book of his, although I haven’t read the two most recent books yet (in the Baroque Cycle).

Let us know what you think of it when you finish..

Thank you for your indecisiveness Daniel, as I do believe that it has meant that I have managed to catch up to you in the footy tipping because I did tip Geelong! Not sure if all of our other tips matched, but we’ll see where we stand after Sydney beat Collingwood!

Snow Crash is my fav of N.S. too, John – was the first of his I read and I just loved it. Am reading Diamond Age at the moment and finding it a bit of a slog…. only 100 pages in….

Shell – I loved Diamond Age too, so persevere :)
Doug – I reckon most of his books have “difficult” endings – he doesn’t like to tie things up very well. I thought the ending was better the second time I read it, same with Cryptonomicon and Diamond Age. Maybe just because my expectations were different.

A lot of people seem not to have read Zodiac, which is a much more conventional story – almost a straight tech thriller. Have you guys read that one?

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