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Oops. This fine site was down for a couple of hours last night after my web hosting provider pointed out the bill was three weeks overdue. Nothing like downing your site to make you sit up and take notice. I found the errant bill languishing in my e-mail inbox. Full credit to them though, they put the site straight back up when the money went through.

Oh, and last Saturday Marita and I took in Strange Bedfellows, Paul Hogan and Michael Caton’s “not that there’s anything wrong with that” movie. We only really wanted to see it because it was largely filmed in Marita’s grandmother’s house, and for me the most amusing moments were her noises of recognition through the movie, from the shops in Yackandandah to the exclamation during the opening scene of Caton riding his bike, having a conversation with a passing truck driver: “Hey! That’s my uncle’s truck!” As for the rest of the movie, the gaggle of old ladies at the back of the cinema seemed amused enough to keep cackling regularly, but it certainly didn’t grab me. As the MX review said, the real star was the scenery of Yackandandah.Thumbs down

And it was only on at Hoyts at Hoypoint. Noice. When I first sat down I thought I’d fall off the seat — it was wide enough, but seemed to lack depth. A bit like the movie, really.

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Does everyone have a family member with something to do to with this movie?
My secondish Cousin wrote it…

The Hoyts at Highpoint is the worst cinema ever. When projection errors occur (which is serously every time I go there) I normally just go and tell an incompetent teenager and they get it fixed, but last time I went there to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind half the frame was missing and there was a speaker not working. I went and saw an incompetent teenager and he tried to tell me that maybe it was supposed to be that way (nothing out of one speaker), at which point I cracked the shits and asked nicely to speak to the manager. Somehow I managed to display considerable restraint and inform the manager of just how crap his cinema was, and how his employee was being a little smartarse to customers.

I felt satisfied anyway. /rant.

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