Red shields

Apparently this year’s Salvation Army Red Shield appeal fell short by around $2 million, with apartment block security doors and an increasingly cashless society cited as two major reasons. I think most would agree the Salvos do a good job, so if you had planned to give but couldn’t, now might be a good time to do the cashless thing and click through to their web site to donate online. Let’s show them that the wired age and the cashless society can still have a social conscience! (Ron and Jeff wouldn’t, of course.)

Did I mention I got 6 out of 8 in the footy tipping? Would have been 7 if I’d had enough faith to tip my own team.

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Red shields”

You must always tip your own team. As a Fremantle supporter, I know how difficult that can be, but the humiliation of not tipping them when they win very much outweighs the loss of a single point when they lose.

And if you do tip them, and by some miracle they win, you’ll probably be the only person who got it right.

i tipped 4 and i tipped my team. not much more i can do than that. pissed when i dont tip them and they win so you almost always have to tip your own team. unless they play brisbane at brisbane, and that might not be such an easy bet in the coming future.

I got 4. Would have been 5 if I’d managed to get my tips in before the first game. I’m still crushed that the Bombers lost to Geelong.

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