Concerto for recorder

I hate to say it, but school concerts can be just a little… boring. Even when your kid is in it. Seems to me that the teachers push the whole thing just a little bit too far, so it moves from the realm of cute (“oh, they’re playing that well-known song on their recorders!”) over the border into the kingdom of dull (“is this thing finishing soon?”)

Oh well, I suppose it’s primarily for the participants’ benefit, not the spectators.

By Daniel Bowen

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Oh well, you’ll never want to run for political office as school concerts is a big part of being a backbencher for a marginal seat ; )

Parties should scrap preselections and require that would be candidates:

1. Attend school concerts
2. Tour seniors centres making small-talk with the residents
3. Hand out how to vote cards
4. Being instructed how to vote by their party or faction
5. Donate money to every can-carrying charity collector
6. Do the numbers and stack branches
7. Practice representing social security cheats and/or vexatious whingers

The longest laster wins!

Last year our school won that Wakakirri thing! thank god they arent doing it this year but nevertheless it was great!
The year before the whole school did a concert the preppies are funny to watch though trying to be grown up but fluffing it!

And about the previous post on your cold house I beg to differ I have the coldest house!! :)

Back in years 4 – 6 I out class had to suffer through performances by at least 2 pairs of girls, who felt a need to show off their latest dance routine in front of the class.

Worse still, you had to applause and back then, my ADD prevented me from napping off (as I do in my of my classes now).

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