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Making the Grade

Michael Grade has been appointed chairman of the BBC. Doctor Who fans must be wondering if Grade — the only enemy of the Doctor that managed to kill him completely by getting the series cancelled — will be up to his old tricks. Perhaps he’ll squeeze the production budget so tightly that they can’t even afford a proper TARDIS.

London Metropolitan Police Post
London Metropolitan Police Post, circa 1964.
From The Boys’ Book of Scotland Yard. I’ve kept this book for decades, hoping to use this picture for something.

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3 replies on “Making the Grade”

“I’m sorry Sarge its just not physically possible for me get in the new ‘Micro-TARDIS'”

Wow, it looks like government cutbacks have already downsized this TARDIS!

(As a kid I got so het up over people who couldn’t tell the difference between a TARDIS and a police box – the kind of formalism that drove me to law, I suspect … )

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