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We’ve moved floors in our building. After all, it had been a good three months since the last move — there was a real danger we would get fully settled in.

On the plus side, we’re two floors down, so the lift ride is slightly shorter. I’m close to a window, so there’s some natural light coming in, even if the view is just of other buildings and the atrium where-in there is a food court which is currently not used. So if I lean far over my desk, I can just make out the disused tables and chairs far below. There are no adjacent meeting rooms, so no having to nag people to close the door when they use the speakerphone (in fact my former neighbour was even more insistent on this than me).

On the minus side, it’s further to the kitchen, but the only other negative thing — the one has people up in arms — is that to get into the toilet, you can’t just use the electronic key, you have to grab a conventional metal key from a rack on the noticeboard. Theoretically there’s four keys, but in practice someone seems to have pinched some, because there’s only been two every time I’ve walked past. So there’s the real risk of being dying to go, but having to wait for a key. Blargh. How antiquated.

But hey, there’s a colour printer on the new floor. That makes up for everything.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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One reply on “On the move”

Many fingers grabbing a metal key? Doesn’t sound right as flu season approaches!

Germs are most easily tranferred hand to hand so there is some risk of transfer if hands have not been washed. Though the same could be said of other ‘touchy’ areas like doorknobs or key pads.

If you wanted to be obsessive, swipe cards and doors that say open with the knee, elbow or hip are about the cleanest.

But in the meantime, why not dangle the key into a jar of antiseptic after each use ; ) Someone might get the hint and install a better system.

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