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Found at Southbank

Found this on the pavement at Southbank yesterday.

With thanks to the geniuses who drew it, and the person who tipped me off (I’ve lost the e-mail, but you know who you are).

I couldn’t get the whole thing into one picture. They got the captions of the doctors a bit wrong, and no sign of the newly announced Christopher Eccleston, but ho boy, what a superb effort.

By Daniel Bowen

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Also if you are interested in seeing a Dalek doing Standup comedy, I would go see “Click Here for Comedy” during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Janet A McLeod & Toby Sullivan (over 18’s only.)


G… you need a helping hand
Tonight it’s the Deb Conway gig at Tony & Rae’s house. Saturday the Belle & Sebastian concert. S’gonna be a very musical weekend.

But on a completely topic, down at Southbank, by the same people who did the Doctor Who drawings, are the go…

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