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The weekend defined

Tardy: The arrival of dishes on the table in the Thai restaurant on Friday night. Superb when they arrived, but boy, you know something’s gone wrong when the entree is the last thing that turns up.

Sharp: Maisie The Dog’s claws, in her enthusiasm to greet me when visiting, which went into my wrist and out again, leaving blood spurting everywhere. Well okay, not spurting, and not everywhere, but certainly worthy of fitting a Band-Aid.

Exposure: My worst pimple in months, broadcast around the country in a thankfully short grab on the SBS TV news on Saturday. Yay.

Confusing: Well, just a tad. The plot of Dirty Deeds, just a little too fast, at least when one is distracted by copious amounts of Cadbury Hazelnut and the aforementioned dog’s most amusing antics.

Frightening: The playground at the local park, overhearing the 8-ish-year-old girls singing “What about me”, almost-Australian-Idol-winner Shannon Noll’s current almost-chart-topper.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

6 replies on “The weekend defined”

Just be thankful the 8ish year old wasn’t doing an impersonation of his rendition of Advance Australia Fair at last weeks Grand Prix. I’m still trying to repress that one.

You obviously have never been to Thailand! It’s normal for the entree to be last when eating in Thailand or all of it comes out at once. Great food and with a little different serving style you have a great night out!

frightening – yes. i just heard it on the radio. the original was ok, but this is just pathetic! shoot the radio, switch to mp3 collection

MeMock, the last time we went to that particular restaurant, all the food arrived about the same time. This time round, we had to wait about 20 minutes for the rice to go with the curry, with the entree (it should come first, or it wouldn’t be an entree, right?) following after that. Turns out somebody had ticked things off the order prematurely, before they had been served… ah well, WAS delicious.

I have an 8 year old sister and am constantly subjected to her and several of her 7-9 year old friends and neighbours bawling ‘what about me’ at all hours. thankfully, the 15 year old is a lot quieter since she grew up a bit.

If the tv stations aren’t going to slap a bit of make up on you Daniel, you better start carrying your own around.

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