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5am rain

It was about 5am when the noise of pouring rain woke me this morning.

Something woke me up.
Must have been the rain.
And for no good reason here you are.
Inside my head again.

It was about 5am when the noise of pouring rain woke me this morning. The pleasure of listening to it from my warm comfortable bed quickly passed into paranoia-land as I pondered if I’d totally closed all of the car windows. After tossing and turning for a while worrying about it, I stumbled out into the driveway and checked. By this point the rain was letting off anyway, and any seat exposed to the weather would have been totally drenched, so it wouldn’t have done any good. Not that I found any open windows anyway. Sigh. Back to bed, and to sleep.

Anyway, why is it that it’s so much easier to doze at 7am when it’s time to get up than at 5am when there is time aplenty to snooze?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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I was about to write something clever and insightful, as I usually do, but then suddenly noticed the link to the right to the Age Green Guide, Blog on. After looking at it, now I recall why I started reading your blog Daniel. It is the only one I read although I have tried others. Must have been just before the vcr destruction. That really grabbed me. Hope you keep it going.

I don’t know why – that is one of the unanswerable questions of the universe. Like, how does a 7-month-old baby know exactly the moment at which you are drifting pleasantly into sleep, so she can demand food / attention / play at JUST that second? It’s Just One of Them Things, I guess.

Sometimes, the car window thing is worth worrying about.

I once had a decrepit Ford Laser whihc had had a bad run with its rubber door seals. If parked on a sloping road, water was able to gush in where the passenger door met the roof.

Not counting on rain, and forgetting its infirmity, I had once parked the car down a sidestreet in Blamain with the passenger-side wheels up on the kerb for a complete, wet, working week.

On the weekend I discovered rapidly blossoming pond life in the passenger side foot well. Some of it flew and stung and drew blood.

After some bailing with a cup I laid down a packet of baking soda and an old towel. That didn’t entirely prevent the old-porridge, wet-dog smell of damp carpet; it still returned again any time the weather turned got moist …

The joys of now owning a bicycle only.

I’ve found that the best cure for sleeplessness is the knowledge that you have to get up in five minutes….. ;-)

The only blogs I read at all is this one and Gotta have my dose of Wil, besides I love his forums, alot of nice people there.

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