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Labour Day

Got home on Sunday afternoon to find I’d left the back door unlocked for the two days I was away. Well done Daniel. Ah well, no harm done as it happens. I’ll be checking it doubly-carefully next time I go out… Whoops.

Went to the park today, and got shat on by a very small bird. Well, I didn’t see it — if it wasn’t a small bird, at least the output was small. Kinda smeary, so I went to the tap to wash it off. Had to wait for some little kid who was bending over the basin, not really drinking, watching me through his sunglasses. I stared back at him, thinking c’mon kid, I’ve got birdshit here I want to wash off. He maintained his stance until his mother dragged him away.

I seem to have arrived back in Pimple City. I’ve often hoped that previous sojourns to Pimple City would be my last, that there would be some upper age limit when visits to Pimple City would no longer be required or permitted. But alas, it seems there is no such age limit, and so here I am yet again. I can only hope that my visit will be a short one.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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We had the biggest party at your place on Saturday night. I assumed you left it unlocked on purpose, but anyway, I’m glad to hear the cleaning people did a good job. Bit of advice — don’t move the rug. Really.

Unless it is a really serious condition,adult acne I think is caused either by being run down, that is an overworked immune system after a cold or something OR not enough rest/sleep. Just one very late night can do it.

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