Hazard for cyclists

Spent yesterday driving up to Kyneton and Castlemaine. Just for exploring, the country air, and the company.

Noted on the freeway, a sign saying “Dull day? Use your low beam headlights”.

Well, we were having a quite interesting day, so the headlights stayed off. We did see a number of other people in cars who were obviously fairly bored though, as their headlights were on…

Spotted in Kyneton — just another hazard for the cyclists to watch out for: horse shit in the bike lane.
Horse shit in the bike lane
If I were a cyclist, I’d be complaining to the local council. After all, there are no signs indicating it is a Horse Shit Lane.

By Daniel Bowen

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Atleast there are bicycle lanes. In most of our cities (and the burbs) they’re non existant.

Unfortunately cyclists have to watch out for a lot of things. Car drviers dont know how lucky they really are.

Great letter in the Herald-Sun:

Cyclists a menace

I AGREE totally with Bob Caudell (January 26): cyclists are a menace. Recently I had to swerve to avoid one.

Let’s hope something is done before an innocent motorist is forced to use their brake pedal.

Chris Fosdick, Box Hill North

*wrinkles nose* Ew.

Mind you… Cyclists don’t belong on the road anyway. The fines are too heavy for hitting them these days, and they aren’t worth as many points as they used to be. I prefer hitting mopeds and old people in those motor cart deals. That’s a good 50 and 100 points respectively right there.

Ah, yeah, don’t mind me.

i love this blog so much! it’s the most interesting i have ever read. (love getting into people’s lives! besides I major in social psychologist, so this is good for me.) anyway, even though the appearance of this blog is a lackluster, it doesn’t matter it’s what inside that counts.

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