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FreddoHot and totally unsubstantiated rumour is that Cadbury are thinking of altering their Australian chocolate recipe, making it sweeter to bring it into line with their UK and European operations.

Damn globalisation. I like it the way it is, and on this Australia Day, I call on all right-thinking Aussies to march on Parliament to demand we keep our Aussie chocolate!

By Daniel Bowen

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Just so long as it doesn’t become the crap that is American chocolate. Hersheys is foul.
I miss my Aussie chocolate!

I’d fight them as hard as you can. I prefer dark chocolates because the nasty Hershey’s chocolate is way too sweet for me. I think the only time it’s ever easy to get Cadbury’s chocolate around here is at Eastertime, yummy Cadbury easter eggs. They just aren’t a very popular brand for everyday eating here.

I wrote to Cadbury and received this reply:

Thank you for your recent correspondence. I am happy to say that the rumours are not true, there are no plans to make any changes to our Cadbury
Dairy Milk, if we did I think we may have a riot on our hands.

Hope this information helps.



Hershey’s chocolate isn’t very good, but if you can get a hold of some Scharffen-Berger choclate, that’ll reaffirm that there is some good in the world

I’d be very surprised if they actually did that (though the rumour seems to be a crock of something nasty), it’s such a successful brand they’d be made to make changes to it – especially as the glass and a half is such an iconic thing. If they changed it to make it more like Hershey’s, they’d be stuffed – hershey’s is horrible stuff!

Cadbury Dairy milk is the NASTIEST candy I have EVER had. Hershey’s is the best and always will be and if Cadbury does change it’s recipe maybe it might be eatible. Maybe.

I personally loathe Cadbury Schweppes and by the way, it is NOT Australian chocolate – it is owned by the British. They have taken Tim The Yowie Man (totally Australian in every way) to court to sue him over the word “yowie” in his name because they trade marked it.
Wanna know how they trade marked it? Cadbury stated in court that authors Bryce Courtney and another named Pike, wrote a book which used the word yowie. Cadbury Schweppes approached these authors and allegedly paid big $$ to take the word and trade mark it. A word which belongs to the aboriginal people of Australia and a word found in the dictionery.
Tim only wants to trade mark his name as Tim The Yowie Man because thats who he is. He wants everyone to use the yowie word. There is at least ten other AUSTRALIAN businesses with the word yowie in their name who all co incide happily together in acceptance of sharing and all have been allegedly approached and threatened by this company to stop using the word.
They have no right to screw Australia out of it’s heritage in any way. The day after the ACCC accused Cadbury Schweppes of using misleading information in advertising for their The Natural Confectionery Company which they bought last year. Packets state they were “Australian made, Australian owned”…They were told to refund on all packets stating this.
I went into Go-LO today and lo and behold, a few hundred of these packets being sold in there.
They stated in court they don’t wish for young children to mix Tim The Yowie Man up with their yowie chocolates and yet Cadbury’s new yowie site at has a figure of a man with the exact same hat on, same uniform in colour and all, helicopter (Tim’s connection to the Survivor 2 stunt) and cryptonatural feel.
Anyone wishing to protest against Cadbury Schweppes to help Tim or to find out about his story or to donate to his fighting fund – go to this site now:

Yes – unfortunately Cadbury’s is quickly beocming a dirty word in Australia. My local shop here in Cronulla has even stopped stocking Cadbury products due to their ridiculous trademark case with Tim the Yowie Man.

I feel so sorry for Tim the Yowie Man for being screwed over by Cadbury. I will never eat their stuff ever again. If I could afford it I would pay some money to him to help fight it. In the newspaper it said the company had taken all his money off him fighting the case. I think we teens of Australia should ask all our local shops to stop stocking Cadbury Schweppes stuff in protest and if they don’t stop selling them we won’t buy at their shop any more.
But I am only one person and no one else has the guts to help out at all. Only 3 people turned up to protest on the day of the tribunal hearing. That sux.
We may as well just hand all of australia over to Cadburys ‘cos the people in Oz couldn’t give a shit that they are talking everything away from us.
Tim should go to one of the other aussie chocolate companies that IS Australian and do a deal with them. I would love to see him on tv adds.

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