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What kind of person are you?

Following on from some of the entries from recent days… What kind of person are you?

Dog or cat?

Tintin or Asterix?

Tea or coffee?

ABC/SBS or commercial?

Humanities or technical?

Milo or Ovaltine?

Concession or full fare?

News/talk or music?

Manual or automatic?

Blogger or… not?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

31 replies on “What kind of person are you?”

Cat, Tintin, Coffee(snob), ABC/SBS or commercial – any as long as it’s broadcast in widescreen, humanities or technical – split down the middle, Milo, Full fare, News/talk, Automatic, Blogger

Dog I think. Who?. Is the cask empty already?. Free tv paid for by a levy on what you buy is an interesting concept, but I don’t indulge, abc mostly. See third answer. Free. News/talk. Auto, the idea of moving a phallic stick around to propell a car is amusing albeit a bit antiquated. Blog…..not yet.

dog (definitely), asterix, tea, ABC, technical, milo (since i’m breastfeeding now & it’s actually got good stuff in it, or so they say. i used to be cadbury’s drinking chocolate), full fare, music, manual, blogger.

Dog, Asterix, Coffee, ABC/SBS, Technical, Milo, Concession or full fare (both, I only bother with concession on the bus, its too much hassle for the train), Music, Manual (but automatic atm), Livejournal.

Dog, neither, tea, both, technical with a bit of humanities, neither (make my own with cocoa and sugar), full fare, half-half, manual and automatic (two cars), not a blogger.

Dog, Asterix, Tea, ABC / SBS, Humanities, Milo, full-fare, Music, Automatic, Not a Blogger (just a lurker on other people’s blogs :-)

cat; umm Tintin from Thunderbirds?; tea; ABC/SBS; Technical; Ovaltine; Concession; News Talk Music; Automatic; Failed blogger

no contest – dog; preferably a cat-eating dog, tintin, gingerbread latte, direct tv, technical but itching to write the great american novel, I’m a godiva snob, full fare, music with a funny host, manual, former blogger

Fish / Asterix / Cofffffeeee / Commercial(depending on what’s showing) / Technical / Milo / Full fare / Music / Manual / not

Fish / Asterix / Coffee / Pay TV / Technical / Milo / Full Fare / Music / Auto / Who came up with this term? – I don’t think so.

Cat / Asterix / Coke / Commercial / Technical / Quick (refuse to call it NesQuick or whatever it is now) / Full Fare / Music / Auto / Not

Cat; Asterix; Both Tea and Coffee (fussier about the coffee, but I understand where you’re coming from); ABC/SBS; Technical; Milo; Full-fare; News/Talk; Auto; Not a blogger – though I do keep an online journal ;)

Dog or cat? Both actually (although I only have cats now, three of them.)
Tintin or Asterix? Absolutely no idea
Tea or coffee? Tea
ABC/SBS or commercial? Being a yank, N/A but PBS and commercial in US
Humanities or technical? Again both Degree Humanities, livelyhood Technical
Milo or Ovaltine? No idea (I like ovaltine)
Concession or full fare? Does not compute
News/talk or music? Mostly news
Manual or automatic? Manual
Blogger or… not? Not but wouldn’t mind

ABC/SBS but some commercial(minus comercial with the use of a vcr)
concesion (Uni student)
News/talk (MP3s are for music)
Not a blogger not yet anyway

If I must, I must….
dog, but hate both, tintin, tea, ABC, humanities, cadbury drinking chocky thankyou, still concession enjoying it while it lasts tho i don’t use PT anymore, music, auto, not – CBFB.

Dog, although not totally anti-cat. Like most animals (even spiders and snakes have their pluses).
Tintin, definitely. And Asterix.
Tea – I’m with you Daniel.
Both. TV goooodd, mmmmmmm.
Technical, to the nth degree.
Ovaltine. But won’t say no to a milo. Or Quik. Or Cadbury’s hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm.
Full fare.
News/talk usually.
Manual. Don’t know about Andrew’s phallic comment. He must have gearshift envy.
Blog? Sounds revolting. No thanks.

Dog or cat? Dog. Definitely dog.
Tintin or Asterix? Never heard of either of them.
Tea or coffee? Coffee, mostly.
ABC/SBS or commercial? N/A
Humanities or technical? Technical, with a dash of humanities.
Milo or Ovaltine? Neither
Concession or full fare? N/A
News/talk or music? Music
Manual or automatic? Manual.
Blogger or not? Not

Dog or cat? Dog
Tintin or Asterix? Asterix
Tea or coffee? A nice cuppa
ABC/SBS or commercial? Commercial (cable discovery etc)
Humanities or technical? Technical
Milo or Ovaltine? Ovaltine
Concession or full fare? Full Fare
News/talk or music? Music
Manual or automatic? Manual the only way to truly be in control (good for being a control freak).

Dog or cat? Dog

Tintin or Asterix? Never heard of either til recently

Tea or coffee? coffee

ABC/SBS or commercial? ABC/SBS

Humanities or technical? Humanities

Milo or Ovaltine? Milo (although I’m ashamed to admnit this is the only Nestle product I still buy)

Concession or full fare? Concession (yippee)

News/talk or music? music

Manual or automatic? manual

Blogger or… not? what the hell is that???

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