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You've got to go!Saw something being filmed at Richmond station platform 1 today. When a train pulled in, a woman in a suit walked along beside it in front of a camera, several times until the director looked satisfied and they packed up and went home. Probably an advert or something.

Also seen at Richmond station, posters for the Melbourne Theatre Company with the slogan “You’ve got to go!”, kinda funny since the accompanying picture shows two people standing next to the public lavvies at the town hall. ‘Cos hey, if they’ve got to go, that’s a good place to do so.

I’m totally sold on the concept of the washing line. The ol’ Hills Hoist works a treat in fine sunny weather like this. Dammit, even one day last week when it was cloudy and drizzly (but breezy too) the washing all dried super-quick. But my two tips are: (a) hang everything inside out, lest you get a faded patch as happened on Jeremy’s pyjamas the other day (either he hasn’t noticed or doesn’t mind…) and (b) take care hanging up stuff in the dark, especially when you spin the line around to get to the next section and there’s a bit of cord partly hanging down and it’s dark and you can’t see it and suddenly gggllllaaaarrrgggghhhhh…

By Daniel Bowen

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I don’t know why, but I’ve been chuckling all morning about the gggllllaaaarrrgggghhhhh bit. This includes chuckling at few inappropriate times in the morning meeting. Oh well, thanks for making me laugh this morning, I needed it.

The MTC ad in front of the toilets is odd, the grand steps of the (Regent?) theatre opposite would have been a much better place.

I think the MTC ad shot in front of the toilets is deliberate – the big show this year is called “Urinetown”… and it is a musical. Does make you wonder what they will sing about!

On the Weddings Parties Anything CD “Donkey Serenade” (which I have) there’s a song called “If you Gotta Go”, I always thought that it was a song about busting to go to the toilet. Ditto for a song on a Mary Black album “The Urge for Going”.

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