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Happy new year

Well, here we are, 2004. As you may have noticed, I’ve been busy so far with extracurricular activities.

But I won’t bore you with that. Instead let me tell you about the car.

Tony got the collector’s edition version of Doctor Who: The Three Doctors for Christmas – in the special box with a toy “Bessie” (the Doctor’s car). Despite urging from myself and Rae, he wouldn’t open it. Collector’s edition, you see. To be collected. Not watched, oh no, no matter how much he might enjoy it. Left in its box in plastic, in pristine condition.

Meanwhile, my kids got the non-collector’s edition, ie just the DVD, for Christmas. We’ve watched it. Oh, how we’ve watched it.

Marita and I headed over to Tony & Rae’s last night to watch The Office Christmas specials courtesy of their Foxtel subscription. Great stuff, but I won’t give it away for those who are waiting for it to make it to free-to-air TV.

I conspired with Rae, and took over our copy of the DVD. So, after The Office had finished, we sprang into action. This is paraphrased of course, but you’ll get the idea.

Daniel (calling to next room): Hey Tony, have you opened the box yet?

Tony (coming back into room): No…

Rae (holding up my copy of the DVD): Oh, hun…

Tony: (aghast silence)

Rae: I’m sorry… I sat on the box…

Tony: (aghast silence)

Rae: …completely flattened it…

Tony (very stern-sounding): Where’s the car?

Rae: …sorry…

Tony (very stern-sounding): Where’s the car?

Daniel: (thinking if us others weren’t there, murder might have been committed)

Rae: It’s in Phee’s room, I gave it to her to play with.

Tony (aghast silence again)

Somewhere around this point the three of us burst into laughter and Rae produced the still pristine box. Tony wasn’t delighted, and pretended to sulk, but I laughed the longest I’ve laughed in quite some time.

Sorry Tony mate, I couldn’t resist. (At least he got to watch some of the DVD afterwards.)

By Daniel Bowen

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How come the 2000-03 entries are just plain old posts with no comments on them? Okay, I’ll just post a comment from one of those entries here, then:

Maybe the reason why your “WarGames” DVD has so many languages is because many Aussie DVDs usually go by the same standards as the UK DVD releases. My theory is that your DVDs are sometimes like that because both countries are English-speaking, use the PAL system, and are Commonwealth nations. Therefore, some Australian releases will have the same technical specifications and sometimes the same cut as that of the British version.

Oh, and F.Y.I.: While Australia is in the same region number as that of my neighboring country Mexico (that being Region 4, and I’m a Texan, BTW), the Spanish on Aussie DVDs is not that of Mexico; it’s that of Spain (they use “vosotros” forms of verbs and use slight variations of Latin American Spanish) because of the reason mentioned above (copied straight from the British version).

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