What I have done this week

Since Sunday morning I have

  • Tidied up the house post-party.
  • Renewed my library copy of To The Lighthouse for a few more weeks so I can try and finish it.
  • Bought a CD (Corduroy), a jacket (not corduroy) and a bunch of groceries.
  • Managed to pay the bills before they became overdue.
  • Including the Visa bill, which won’t know what hit it when the jacket gets added onto it.
  • Wondered what it takes to convince the gas company that I am no longer married, as three years later they still send bills with mine and my ex-wife’s names on them.
  • Turned 33.
  • My birthday started off not going quite to plan when on the way to work (yes, I had to work) I missed one train, and the next one was 20 minutes late. Thankfully things improved after that.
  • Ate copious amounts of chocolate and biscuits given to me for my birthday.
  • Went past and emptied the mailbox at my old place, then wrote "Not known at this address" on 14 items. Haven’t summoned up the energy to haul them all down the street to re-post them yet.
  • Told an ex-girlfriend who left Australia more than two years ago about the letter there that was for her – from the phone company telling her they owe her $9. Zowee.
  • Failed to tidy my study computer roomy thing. I think it will forever be messy.
  • Wondered if this media thing will be this full-on every week. Appeared on TV once, radio twice, and got quoted in the Herald Sun twiceand The Age once.
  • Pondered if having a minor media profile will help my resume at all – or at least help me meet girls!
  • In recent years my mate Phil and I have had a kind of informal competition going to see how many letters we could get into the newspaper. I think I may have blown him out of the water this week.
  • I think that’s the last I’ll mention the media thing for a while. I’m rather worried about my ego developing hot-air-balloon-like qualities and floating away through the clouds.
  • I Discovered I quite like Six Feet Under.
  • Noted there are still a number of people I haven’t notified that I’ve moved, even though it was over a month ago.
  • On the only clear night this week, looked at Mars, alas without the benefit of binoculars or a telescope, which meant it just looked like a brighter dot than any of the other dots in the sky. Impressive nonetheless. I might eat a Mars Bar to celebrate.
  • Somehow remembered to put the rubbish and recycling bins out on the right day. Wondering if the bottle recyclers will scan and detect the errant blue M&M in one beer bottle that Tony left there.
  • Threatened my alarm clock with replacement because the most important button – Snooze – isn’t working properly.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.