9 seconds of fame

10:15am. Well I’m quoted in the
today (page 1 no less – why do things by half?), and in about an hour ABC TV want to talk to me. Which scares the crap out of me to be honest.

The mob I was speaking for Being interviewed by... Hey you can buy The Age here It's me! Train times

[Me on the box]
Me on the box in my spiffy new jacket.

11:50am. That wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I thought it might be. I’m quite looking forward to seeing how I look in my new jacket. After all, why use a mirror when you can see yourself on TV? I hope my tie was straight and that my blind eye wasn’t wandering around too much making me looked deranged.

8pm. Well that wasn’t too bad. I looked relatively sane. My 9 second comment was taken slightly out of context, but ah well, what can you do.

I probably shouldn’t be making such a song and dance about this, but it’s the first time in ages I’ve been on the telly.

By Daniel Bowen

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