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RIP Number 2

Another goldfish died yesterday. I found in the morning, not moving at all. It wasn’t actually floating on top of the water like the last one had. I dunno – maybe it drowned? So now we’re left with a single, very lonely goldfish. Will have to see about re-populating the tank, I think. Isaac says he wants to maintain an even number of goldfish. Presumably it provides goldfish equilibrium.

The spooky thing is one of Danielle’s goldfish also died yesterday. It must have been International Goldfish Death Day or something.

We have new neighbours. The bloke in flat 3 moved out last week, obviously fed up with having to listen to the couple in flat 4 having noisy sex, often while an owl or some other kind of bird life hoots in the background. Presumably the bird is in the garden, but it’s still rather disturbing.

This week a blonde girl called Lisa with a suspected English accent moved in with her hitherto invisible flatmate/boyfriend/girlfriend/whoever. I wouldn’t bother mentioning this normally, but last night I found her taking out the garbage bins. Wow. A neighbour who actually bothers to take the bins out, who knows what night they go out, and who knows what the recycle bin does. Truly amazing.

By Daniel Bowen

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