Buy, buy, buy!

The Age, Tue 18/12
I wonder if anybody in a position of power ever takes notice of letters to newspapers?

I’m pretty damn pleased with myself. Managed to get just about all my Christmas shopping done yesterday. Not that there was a humungous number I planned to get, but it was all a bit intimidating before I started.

First step was a trip to Chadstone. "What?!" you’re thinking "has he gone off his trolley? A trip to Chadstone? Just before Christmas?! To a place where just looking for somewhere to park the car could take until after Christmas?! Pure madness!"

To which I reply: I’m not stupid, I took the bus. And although the carpark was indeed an hellish chaotic place, the centre itself wasn’t too bad. To my surprise, even the queues to buy stuff were minimal. Well, most of the queues. Well okay, maybe just some of the queues.

Anyway after that I came home, had some lunch, regrouped (?) and hit the city. Pretty busy there too, but after visiting Myer,JB‘s, David Jones and a few other places, I got home with the bulk of what I’d planned to buy. Maybe this Christmas thing isn’t so hard after all.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
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