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Another week gone, and Christmas is creeping ever closer. Tomorrow I’m going to make a concerted effort to get all my Christmas presents bought and ready.

Had a bit of a laugh this morning when I saw an internal memo at <monolithic corporation I work for>. Apparently they’re economising, and their way to save a few shekels this year is to get rid of all the plants that they rent… well, not quite all, they’re going to keep the ones in the lobby, and on the executive levels! I suppose we should be thankful that having withdrawn all forms of photosynthesis for us drones, they aren’t considering cutting back on the air supply to save a bit more.

There’s been a lot of interest this week (at least from us folk in the geek community) in Google’s launch of their 20 year Usenet archive. Quite apart from the earthshatteringly significant events that have been posted about over the years, I’ve found a few of my own memories in the archive.

It’s a funny feeling to see your own words coming back at you after all these years. Though come to think of it, I get that all the time!

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