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Dropped wallet

A rumour on the grapevine. Apparently my dad’s cousin Fay in England heard from a friend of a friend that she was walking down the street and an Arab man dropped his wallet up ahead. Stop me if you’ve heard this. She ran after him and gave him back the wallet. Stop me if you’ve heard this. He was very grateful. Stop me if you’ve heard this.

And he said to her, "I want to thank you, so I will tell you something". Stop me if you’ve heard this, please. He said: "don’t go into central London on Tuesday week."

What, you haven’t heard this? Or you couldn’t stop me because this is a web page, not a conversation? Well fair enough then.

If you have heard this one, hopefully you know it’s a load of bollocks. If you haven’t, then click on the word bollocks for enlightenment!

I was a bit more polite when I interrupted my dad in the middle of him telling me this, of course. He was telling me because my sister lives in London at the moment, and so of course he was concerned. I’m betting the message had been relayed all the way from Fay over the past few days, through various obscure relatives, via Dad, intended to go via me to my sister. Nice of them to think of her I suppose. I told him it was an urban legend, and not to worry.

There’s a twist to this version of the story, which is this: the Arab man turns out to be one of those on the FBI’s 22 Most Wanted Terrorists list. Yeah. Right.

  • Thank you to the people who sent alternate (funny) versions of this rumour – great stuff!

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