I’m not turning into my parents. Yet.

I like most of my mum’s tastes in music. And I like my mum – in fact I like both my parents. But sometimes it’s comforting to know that I don’t have identical tastes to them, and that I’m not turning into them just yet.

Last week I lent my mum and her partner a CD I’d burnt with various music on it – stuff like Ocean Colour Scene* (including the theme from "Lock Stock", which I really like), Corduroy, Coldplay and Gomez… She gave it back saying rather unenthusiastically "Yes… it’s all very modern isn’t it."

*Ocean Colour Scene is almost a name made for the Internet, isn’t it. Chuck a jumble of words like that together, especially with one of them in non-American spelling, and you’re sure to find a .com available. Unless the words happen to be "Toxic" and "Custard" that is. Though is available…

By Daniel Bowen

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