The tourists

Adrian and Susannah needed to work, so they gave us some basic directions on navigating into the city and back by bus, and we did just that. We strolled around looking at all the touristy sights, as one should do when one has rarely or never been to Sydney: The Rocks, The Quay, The Bridge, The Opera House, that kind of thing. We ate lunch in The Plaza, before heading for Centrepoint and ascending The Tower and looking at The Amazing View from the top. High-power binoculars had been thoughtfully placed around the viewing deck, and what was even more surprising for an enterprise run by a three-letter financial institution, they were free, or at least, included in the overall price of admission.

[Hooray for the Bridge!]
Hooray for the Bridge!
[Pointing out the Bridge]
Pointing out the Bridge. It’s actually bigger than me – it was a long way away.

Centrepoint Tower

Also included in the price of admission was the Sky Tour, a 35 minute animation and simulation packed extravaganza, which was extremely cool. A little shopping and then we headed back on the bus, before going out to dinner with our hosts plus a friend at a nearby pub/cafe/restauranty kind of thing, which I wouldn’t normally bother mentioning but for its cool URL: We drank Belgian beer, ate delicious food, and laughed a lot, before stumbling back to the flat by way of a video shop in Crows Nest for a copy of the very funny Galaxy Quest. (And doesn’t that alien
look incredibly like Rob Sitch?)

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