It’s been a pretty busy week. But it hasn’t been particularly funny, which is usually what I look for in what to write about here. Well, either funny or tragic. Keeps people interested, you know. But nothing of any note on either count from this week really springs to mind right at the moment.

Oh, my brother-in-law did write to say he had hiccups. For several days on end. This may not sound particularly interesting, but apparently so many hiccups passed his lips that he felt he had to do some research on the Net about it (probably to find out how to get rid of the bloody things). To his surprise, what he found was a web site for… err… well, people who have hiccup fetishes. Hmmmm. 

Today I had something of a more frantic afternoon than I expected. I was taking it easy, sitting at my desk in the study, having a little lunch. It was about 12:45, and I decided to take a look at my e-mail, to confirm the location of a 1:30 meeting in the city. Except it wasn’t a 1:30 meeting. It was a 1:00 meeting.

Ah. Panic mode. Should I grab the car and drive in? No, parking and traffic are a hassle and the train is faster. So five minutes later I was sprinting out the door through the rain for the station. Not exactly drenched, but undeniably damp, I arrived at the station just in time to hear a PA announcement that the 12:55 train had been cancelled. Cue Homer saying "D’oh!" 32 times.

I almost went back home to get the car and drive some of the way, but realised it would just result in a lot of stress and no saved time, so I phoned ahead to say I’d be late, and caught the next train 15 minutes later. The people in the meeting didn’t seem to mind that I was half an hour late. Not that I’m planning to make a habit of it. 

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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