Bad and good

Both bad news and good (no, great) news. First the bad.

I am feeling something of a sense of loss right at the moment. Something very dear has gone from my life: my sunglasses. My precious sunglasses. Very precious actually, more precious than I’d like to remember, so I’m trying to forget how much they cost me. Quite a pretty penny. But they were the only sunglasses I ever truly loved. They were the only sunglasses that ever properly fit me!

I’ve had them for almost three years. But sometime in the last 10 days, they vanished. Maybe they are somewhere in the mess of bits and pieces that could loosely be described as "my house". I hope they are. I hope they are hiding underneath some unsuspecting pile of junk, shortly to be found when I… hey… could they be under that? *rummage* *rummage* No. Damn. 

I’ll keep searching for them, but it’s not looking very good. Knowing my luck they’ll show up the day after I shell out for a new pair.

But better news. My sister has finally revealed to the world: she’s getting married, to her boyfriend Adrian. He’s great, she’s great – I’m sure they’ll be great together. In fact they already are great together. Getting married will give them a bit of paper to say they are officially great.

I must admit, I should have known for a while about this – she dropped hints about a month ago, which I totally failed to pick up on. What with one thing and another, I don’t think weddings have been high on my agenda in the past few months – at least that’s my excuse. Or maybe I’m just Officially Clueless.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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