[Safeway map]
Map showing my local Safeway store several hundred metres closer to my house than it really is.

[Safeway logo]
Bringing food to life?!? Why do they need two slogans, anyway?

A leaflet in the mail today revealed the opening of a new Safeway
"We’re Muscling Into The Petrol Station Market" Plus in the neighbourhood. I found two things about the leaflet amusing.

One was that it had a map of the area, and that the old Safeway supermarket appears to have moved a block, onto my street. That will undoubtedly be convenient, but it would seem to be an expensive proposition for them, given that there is currently a reservoir on the site. Possibly they are planning to move the whole building, bricks’n’all, I don’t know.

The other amusing thing is that Safeway are using the slogan "Bringing food to life". That, to me, sounds creepy. Very creepy. If my local supermarket are really busy bringing food to life, I’m not going down there, especially not into the meat section. I could handle them being The Fresh Food People (even though I happen to know they stock pre-packed and frozen items as well, in fact they even sell stuff which isn’t food!) but now they’re making it sound like some kind of supernatural supermarket. A kind of occult grocery.

Why do they need two slogans, anyway?

By Daniel Bowen

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