On the phone to Ozemail Customer Accounts. After the recorded advertising guff, the hold music starts "I can’t take it anymore". Uh huh.

It’s a fair cop…

Yesterday in the mail I got my first driving ticket. (I’ve had one ticket before, but that was a parking ticket). I… err.. well, I seem to have driven through an orange traffic light. It’s a fair cop, I think I remember when it happened. So there goes $165 and 3 demerit points. And I thought I was going to manage having a completely clean record during my P plate time, too.

Ah well. Won’t do that again. In fact I think I’ll pay the extra $7.50 to the very ominous sounding "Civic Compliance Victoria" to get a copy of the photo, to put up on my noticeboard as a reminder to drive more carefully (or should that be less carelessly?) from now on.

[Traffic camera photo]

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